Private Lessons

You’re Never Too Young or Too Old to Start Learning

There’s really no better way to start learning an instrument then by investing in private lessons. Being shown how to properly blow, strum, play, hit or sing from the start, means you won’t be getting yourself into any bad habits or techniques. When you begin private lessons with All Age Music you’ll be part of a special student community that is unlike any other. Our first step is to connect you to one of our amazing teachers and then you’ll be nurtured by them to bring out your true potential.

Our private lesson tutors value the knowledge, passion and creativity they share with their students. Ensuring you progress at a pace that suits you and ensuring you develop the confidence to pursue your goal is an important part of your musical journey. Each private lesson is tailored to suit the student, their current level of playing or singing or objective.

Our network of teachers are personally interviewed and chosen by our Principal Director and then put through our accreditation and training process to ensure they meet our high standards of teaching. We’re certain they have the right level of qualification, experience and skills needed to provide you or your child with quality tuition. Meaning you don’t need to look any further. It’s all about when and where.

Here is a current list of what we offer in private lessons

So if you’re thinking of starting or restarting an instrument, feel free to email or call us to discuss.

If you’d like to see whether we offer lessons close to your area, type in your requirements.

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