Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates 🎁

Gift the Joy of Music – A Present That Resonates

Searching for a gift that’s truly special? opt for the timeless gift of music for any occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. It’s a unique way to make a lasting impression.

Instant and Personalized Gift Certificates

  1. Choose Your Amount: Pick from our preset options or contact us for a tailored amount covering a full course or workshop.
  2. Customize & Buy: Fill in your details, and complete your purchase with a credit card.
  3. Immediate Delivery: Obtain a downloadable PDF gift certificate to print or forward via email to the recipient.

Choose your gift here 👇

Each gift certificate includes a unique code, redeemable for:

  • Trial lessons
  • Music camps
  • Room hire
  • Course enrolments
  • Special music programs

4 Week Taste Tester Course

Want to dive straight into private lessons at a discounted rate? Check out our 4 week taste tester course (4 x 45min lessons) at only $300

4 Week Taste Tester @ $300 

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