Popular Questions

What is a trial lesson?

Trial lessons are a single paid lesson with no strings attached. This is the best way to experience what a lesson is like and how you get on with the teacher before you sign up for the remainder of term.

What happens after my trial lesson?

Admin will contact you to see how you enjoyed your lesson, give feedback from our teacher and options for continuing lessons or trialling another instrument/teacher. 

How does enrolment work?

All Age Music books and invoices student by the school term. Even if you’re an adult we believe weekly lessons are the best way to progress with your instrument, and we lock you in for the term to secure your time with our teachers.

What is a ‘Term’?

10 weeks, 2 weeks break, repeat!

What are your term dates?

We follow the NSW School Calendar:

What if I don’t want weekly lessons?

We believe weekly lessons are the best way to progress with your instrument, and support our teachers with weekly work – in turn securing great teachers for our school. However we do understand work and life can get in the way of a weekly commitment. If you simply cannot make weekly lessons we do offer Casual Lesson Vouchers which you purchase and can book subject to teacher availability.

How long are lessons?

Prices and duration for general lessons are as follows:

  • 30min lesson, $50
  • 45min lesson, $75
  • 60min lesson, $100

Prices and duration for principal teachers are as follows:

  • 30min lesson, $55
  • 45min lesson, $83
  • 60min lesson, $110

What are principal teachers?

Principal teachers are heads of a specific music departments at the school (i.e Head of Drums, Heads of Piano etc) , hold a very high level of musicianship and have extensive teaching experience.

Can I book group lessons?

Please visit our GROUP LESSON page.

What is a private lesson?

1 on 1 lesson that’s catered to your musical needs.

What happens in an average lesson?

Teachers will assess, plan a syllabus and give you materials to best help you learn and progress. 

Do you use Creative Kids Vouchers?

We sure do! Once you have enrolled for lessons you can submit vouchers to us with the following link and receive your Creative Kids Voucher reimbursement from your next terms fees:

Availability / Day of the week?

This is subject to teacher availability – get in touch and we can let you know what time slots we have remaining.

Am I too old for lessons?

We are called All Age Music for a reason 🙂 We believe it’s never too late to learn and strongly encourage adults to learn music. It’s fantastic for the brain and gives you a new skill to unwind with. We hold Adults Only concerts and other exciting events for our adult student community.

What age should my child start Private Lessons?

Staple rule is 5yrs. Typically when your child is ready for Kindergarten they are ready to progress with private lessons. For under 5yrs we offer our Kinder Beat program which is a group class that presents real music education in a fun interactive way for young minds to digest.

Can I sit in the lesson with my child?

Absolutely. We encourage parents to be involved in your childs learning, especially for the first lesson to see how it all works.

Can I pay when I come for my lesson?

We secure our lessons and teachers in advance, therefore need payment in advance. Lessons are only secured once payment has been received.

Can I choose my teacher?

We will try to match you up with the teacher that best suits your needs, or give you the option of the teachers we have on board and what styles they teach. All Age Music only hires teachers that fit with our values and guarantee our teachers quality.

What instruments/lessons do you have available?

Instruments we conduct private lessons in are as follows: Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Woodwind, Brass, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Violin, Viola, Recording & Production, Song writing, and Group Classes

Do you offer Songwriting / Recording & Production classes?

Yes we do! This is where our team of teachers can really shine and adhere to your needs. After some time of lessons our students get increasingly interested in creating, recording and mixing their songs. We’re very happy to offer these services.

Private Lessons

What is a trial lesson?

Trial lessons are a single paid lesson with no strings attached. This is the best way to experience what a lesson is like and how you get on with the teacher before you sign up for the remainder of term.

What happens after my trial lesson?

Admin will contact you to see how you enjoyed your lesson, give feedback from our teacher and options for continuing lessons or trialling another instrument/teacher.


I can’t make a lesson; how do I cancel it?

If you can’t attend a lesson, contact your teacher directly via phone two days in advance. A make up lesson will be provided, which must be completed by the following term at the latest.

Please note, do not contact our admin team regarding cancellations as we cannot always get the information to the teacher in time for the lesson.

What happens if I cancel with less than two days notice?

If there is less than two days notice for cancellations the fees for that lesson will be forfeited, except in extreme circumstances (e.g. illness or injury requiring hospitalisation, death in the family). In extreme circumstances, proof must be provided (e.g. medical certificate).

Can I do online lessons?
Absolutely! We have extensive online lesson experience and training with our teachers. If you are sick we are happy to move the lesson online and continue your progress. Please contact your teacher directly to move your lesson online

I don’t have my teachers contact details?

Teacher contact details are provided in your Confirmation of Enrolment email upon enrolment.

How do make up lessons work?

Yourself & the teacher will arrange a time convenient for you both to have a lesson to make up for the missed lesson. Please contact your teacher directly to organise.

Please note All Age Music provides a maximum of 2 make up lessons per term, and make up lessons expire once the new term begins.

What if I cannot attend the suggested make up lesson?

If you cannot arrange a time during the term your teacher will nominate 2 days during the school holidays to provide make up lessons. If you cannot attend nominated days your fees will be forfeited.

What if my teacher cancels?

If your teacher is absent a substitute will generally be provided. Alternatively the teacher will give you notice if they need to cancel the lesson and arrange a make up lesson with you directly as above. A maximum of two make up lessons per term will be allowed due to the teacher’s absence. If a teacher is absent for a greater length of time, a substitute teacher will be provided

Payment for Lessons

How do I pay for lessons?

All payments are processed through our direct debit system with Payrix.

How does Direct Debit work?

Upon enrolment you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment email with an attached invoice for lessons and link to register your nominated account with our Payrix direct debit system. Once registered the invoice amount will be debited from your nominated account.

With ongoing enrolments, invoices are sent out 14 business days prior to the new term commencing. Your invoice payment will be scheduled via your nominated direct debit account 7 business days prior to term commencing. 

For any changes to lessons or invoices please advise admin before scheduled payment is debited.

Can I pay my invoice monthly instead of in full?

Please contact admin if you feel you cannot pay your invoice in full before lessons commence. We will propose a monthly payment plan option to assist.

What if there’s not enough funds in my account?

A $4.40 rejection fee will be charged from the system if the debit request is rejected due to lack of funds or incorrect account details. You will receive an email notifying you of the reason your payment was rejected with a proposed date to balance payment.

Are there any credit card surcharges?

Credit cards will attract a 1.98% surcharge from the system. Bank accounts will avoid this charge.

How do I update the details of my nominated account?

Please contact admin who will be happy to update your account details in the system.

Direct Debit security concerns?

All Age Music uses Payrix for direct debit which is an Australian company with robust security, reliable protection of your data and the highest level of PCI Compliance, you can rest assured your data and your customer’s data is safe with Payrix. You can visit Payrix’s website to find out more.

Enrolments & Ceasing Lessons

How do enrolments work?

All Age Music enrols and invoices by the NSW school terms, generally 10 weeks per term. This secures work for our teachers, in turn providing great teachers for our students.

Enrolments are automatically carried over from term to term to secure your day and time with our teachers.

How do I cease lessons?

Students can choose to cease lessons for the following term by notifying admin via email at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the new term.

If we do not receive above notice full fees (based on your current enrolment) for the following term will be payable and you will be invoiced accordingly.

I’ve decided that I want to stop lessons halfway through a term. What do I do?

Students must fulfil all lessons charged on the invoice for the term. This is usually ten lessons per term (forty lessons per year). If you stop lessons during the term you must still pay for the full term, and we will only debit the final balance and cancel your future direct debit payments.

I want to extend the length of my lessons. How do I do that?

Contact admin with this request, we can arrange to extend the length of lesson at any point during the term if the teachers schedule allows.

I want to decrease the length of my lessons. How do I do that?

Contact admin with this request and we can make this change for the following term.

Group Classes

How do I pay for group classes?

Group classes need to be paid for via direct debit. They must be paid for in full before term commences.

What happens if I miss a group class?

Group classes must go ahead regardless of which students are away. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a refund or makeup lesson for any missed group classes.

If the teacher is away for a lesson, a substitute will be provided and the class will go ahead as planned.

Beginner Courses

What is a beginner course?

Our six-week beginner course is specifically designed for students who have never played on the instrument they would like to take lessons for. The course consists of a block of six weekly 45 minute private lessons.

As with our group classes, the six-week beginner course must be paid for in full before the first lesson.

Late Payments

How do I pay for my lessons?

All lessons are paid for before the start of term via Direct Debit.

When are my lesson fees due?

Term invoice payment is due 7 business days prior to term commencing. 

Trial lessons and casual lessons must be paid in advance.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Warning emails will be sent for unpaid lessons which will result in suspension of lessons until payment or payment plan has been accepted.

To be an enrolled student of the school, you are committed to pay the full term to secure your lesson time and day with your teacher. 

Gift Certificates

How do gift certificates work?

Gift certificates are fully transferable for use with any All Age Music lesson. Please contact coco@allagemusic.com.au and book your lesson(s) in any of our locations. Not redeemable for cash.