Policies & Procedures

All Age Music Terms & Conditions 2019
Version 1.04



  • You must text or call your teacher directly regarding any lesson cancellations at least two days in advance.
  • If possible, please let the teacher know the dates the student will be away at the start of term.
  • If there is less than two days’ notice for cancellations lesson fees will be forfeited, except in extreme circumstances (e.g. illness or injury requiring hospitalisation, death in the family). Proof must be provided (e.g. medical certificate).
  • A maximum of two make up lessons per term will be allowed due to the student’s absence if the teacher has been notified at least two days in advance.
  • A maximum of two make up lessons per term will be allowed due to the teacher’s absence. If a teacher is absent for a greater length of time, a substitute teacher will be provided.
  • Should the regular teacher be unavailable, we reserve the right to find a substitute teacher for the student.
  • Make up lessons must be completed by the following term and cannot be carried over.
  • “Teachers will nominate two days to conduct make up lessons during the school holidays (if unable to organise during the term). If you cannot attend nominated days the make up lessons will be forfeited”
  • Students are not encouraged to attend lessons when unwell or contagious as this puts teachers and other students at risk. If a student is not well enough to attend school they are not well enough to attend school they are not well enough to attend private lessons.


  • Students are enrolled and locked in on a term by term basis
  • Enrolments are automatically carried over to following terms to secure your day and time
  • Students must fulfill all lessons charged on the invoice for the term. This is usually ten lessons per term (forty lessons per year).
  • Fees for missed lessons in one term cannot be credited to the following term.
  • Your lesson time is locked in for the term. If you need to change times please contact your teacher directly. Please note this may not be possible unless the teacher has availability
  • Any issues with an invoice must be discussed before term commences. We are unable to offer credits due to conflicting circumstances or events.


  • Students are enrolled on a term by term basis and cannot cease lessons during the term.
  • If a student withdraws once term has commenced, no refunds will be issued.
  • If you wish to cease lessons for the following term, you are required to notify admin via email at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the new term, or full fees (based on your current enrolment) for the following term will be payable and you will be invoiced accordingly.
  • If you cease to attend without giving us any notice, you will still be invoiced as per the above.
  • Please note that telling a teacher does not count as notifying admin – written confirmation via email is required.


  • All students are invoiced for the full school term
  • All students must be registered and pay for invoices via our direct debit system
  • Monthly debits are scheduled for the 20th of every month. Generally 3 months covers a term invoice
  • Please inform admin if you would like to be debited the full invoice amount upfront each term instead of a monthly schedule
  • All additional charges such as books, trial lessons, special events and exams will automatically be debited from your account (unless specified otherwise)
  • If you stop lessons during the term you must still pay for the full term
  • Credit cards will attract a 1.98% surcharge from the system
  • A $5.50 rejection fee will be charged if the debit request is rejected due to lack of funds and incorrect or expired account details.


  • Lesson fees are due before term commences.
  • If your fees are unpaid by the first day of term, your place may be offered to someone on our waiting list.
  • Warning emails will be sent for unpaid lessons which will result in suspension of lessons


  • Creative Kids Vouchers must be submitted via our online form https://www.allagemusic.com.au/creative-kids-voucher/
  • Creative Kids Vouchers can only be used for students enrolled for the term, enrolled in a course, or School Holiday Programs, not for one-off lessons.
  • Creative Kids Vouchers will only be reimbursed once funds have been received from Service NSW. This usually takes 30 days after the voucher is submitted from admin
  • Funds cannot be deducted from your invoices until the amount is cleared from Service NSW (it affects our financial operations.


  • All Age Music is not liable for items left of lost on the premises.
  • Students are responsible for any damage to instruments and equipment
  • The waiting area is not under the direct supervision of staff, and staff are not responsible for the supervision and safety of students outside the times of scheduled lessons/classes.
  • It is important that all students feel valued, respected and safe at All Age Music. We reserve the right to discontinue the enrolment of a student whose behavior is disruptive or upsetting to other students or staff.


  • To secure a trial lesson, you will need to register and prepay for the lesson online.


  • Group classes must be paid for in full before the first class via direct debit or online form.
  • No refund will be provided for any missed classes.
  • No make up lessons will be provided for any missed classes.
  • Group classes will always go ahead regardless of which students are away.
  • Group classes will go ahead if the regular teacher is away as a substitute teacher will be provided.
  • Our programs are subject to minimum numbers to go ahead. Should numbers not meet the required minimum, we may reluctantly need to cancel a particular class.


  • Lessons will cost an extra $15 per lesson if two students would like to share private lessons. This must be approved by admin and teacher and is not available for every class. Please note semi-private lessons are strongly discouraged because children and adults learn and are taught in a different way, and at a different pace.


  • The six-week beginner course is intended for students who have never played on the instrument they would like to take lessons for.
  • This is a block of six weekly 45 minute private lessons (consecutive).
  • The six-week beginner course must be paid for in full before the first lesson.