What you get when you join our community

  • The opportunity to perform in our Mid Year and/or End of Year Concerts OR our unique Adults Only Showcase Night
  • Exclusive invitation to attend special workshops, guest speakers, special events and master classes
  • Access to hire amazing musicians for your school, audition, exam, work function or private function
  • Exclusive invitation to our Annual Teachers Showcase Event
  • The opportunity to further progress your musical learning by joining one of our ensemble or band programs. These bands and groups generally perform in real live music venues, community events and special festivals
  • A welcoming, supportive and progressive music school that caters for all ages
  • Access to our rehearsal rooms and instruments when you need that extra practice
  • Remain up to date with the latest industry news
  • Invitation to join our school holiday programs prior to general public release


 General Private Lesson (30 minutes)  30 minutes
 General Private Lesson (45 minutes)  45 minutes  $65
 General Private Lesson (1 hour)  60 minutes  $85
Casual or Fortnightly Private Lesson (30 minutes) 30 minutes $45
Casual or Fortnightly Private Lesson (45 minutes) 45 minutes $68
Casual or Fortnightly Private Lesson (60 minutes) 60 minutes $90
 Song-writing / Arrangements / Recording Production  1hr block      $90
 Song-writing / Arrangements / Recording Production  2hr block  $180
Theory and/or Aural Lessons (optional – skype lessons)  30 minutes  $43
Music Craft Group Classes (10 weeks)
 45 minutes  $220
 Special Guest  / Principal Teachers (private in studio)  60 minutes  $90
 Home visit lessons (limited availability) min. 1 hour  60 minutes  $100
6 Week Beginner Course for Adults
(One-off for any instrument or voice)
 45 minutes  $350
Garage Band Course for Kids and Adults
(8 week term)
 90 minutes  $350
Adult Group Guitar / Ukulele 101 Classes (8 week block)  60 minutes  $289
Adult Group Guitar / Ukulele 102 Classes (8 week block)  60 minutes  $289
Adult Glee Club – ENROL
(10 week term x 1-hour classes)
 60 minutes


The Fine Print

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations and Make Up Lessons for Private Students

  • You must text or call your teacher directly regarding any lesson cancellations at least two days in advance.
  • If possible, please let the teacher know the dates the student will be away at the start of term.
  • If there is less than two days’ notice for cancellations lesson fees will be forfeited, except in extreme circumstances (e.g. illness or injury requiring hospitalisation, death in the family). Proof must be provided (e.g. medical certificate).
  • A maximum of two make up lessons per term will be allowed due to the student’s absence if the teacher has been notified at least two days in advance.
  • A maximum of two make up lessons per term will be allowed due to the teacher’s absence. If a teacher is absent for a greater length of time, a substitute teacher will be provided.
  • Should the regular teacher be unavailable, we reserve the right to find a substitute teacher for the student.
  • Make up lessons must be completed by the following term at the latest.
  • If students have missed lessons and make up lessons cannot be arranged with their teacher, they have the option of doing their make up lessons with a substitute teacher.


Paying for Full Term/Year of Lessons for Private Students

  • Students must fulfill all lessons charged on the invoice for the term. This is usually ten lessons per term (forty lessons per year).
  • Fees for missed lessons in one term cannot be credited to the following term.
  • Any issues with an invoice must be discussed before term commences.


Group Classes

  • Group classes must be paid for in full before the first class.
  • No refund will be provided for any missed classes.
  • Group classes will always go ahead regardless of which students are away.
  • Group classes will go ahead if the regular teacher is away as a substitute teacher will be provided.


Pushing Back Lessons and Reserving a Time Slot

  • The maximum length of time a student can reserve a time slot is five weeks.
  • We will require of 50% of the term's fees in order to reserve the time slot.


Trial Lessons

  • To secure a trial lesson, you will need to register and prepay for the lesson online.


Late Payment Penalties

  • If you pay for lessons by the term, lesson fees are due by the first week of term.
  • If you pay for lessons monthly, lesson fees are due before the start of the second lesson.
  • Warning emails will be sent for unpaid lessons which will result in suspension of lessons until payment or payment plan has been accepted.
  • Anyone on a payment plan must pay for their lesson block up front.
  • To be a student of the school, you are committed to pay for forty weeks of lessons per year. Please notify your teacher as soon as possible the dates you will be away so that we can arrange make up lessons. Otherwise lesson fees are forfeited.


Sharing Private Lessons

  • Lessons will cost an extra $15 per lesson if you would like to learn an instrument during your child's lesson.However, this is strongly discouraged because children and adults learn and are taught in a different way, and at a different pace.


Autoreminder Emails

  • Autoreminder emails are set up for your convenience. Please refer to the school newsletter, your teacher or the office for the exact start date of lessons.


Six-week Beginner Course for Adults

  • The six-week beginner course is intended for adults who have never played on the instrument they would like to take lessons for.
  • This is a block of six weekly 45 minute private lessons.

The six-week beginner course must be paid for in full before the first lesson.