Music Lessons are Moving Beyond the Instrument 

All Age Music is moving beyond the instrument in our Kids Band Program. 

Unlike other conventional music lessons, by being able to participate in a band your child will fulfil their rockstar potential, enhancing their musical abilities as well as their teamwork skills and personal initiative. This program places importance on developing individuality and self expression, a benefit of learning music that is not offered by other after school activities. We aim to give children a taste of life as a professional musician by providing opportunities to perform in professional environments from live music events to school fetes and fundraising events. 

Group music sessions have been shown to be more beneficial than private lessons as they provide social stimulation, positive peer motivation, and have a higher rate of content retention and engagement. 40% of students make music outside of school, separated from private lessons, however our program addresses and encourages “peer to peer” music making. They are given the opportunity to express themselves by coming up with a band name and finding their own sound, under the expert guidance of their band instructor. Children are encouraged to take control of their own learning and music practice, building skills of independence, discipline and initiative. 

Next Intake Tuesday 16 & 23 August 6.00 – 7.00pm. We accept a wide variety of instruments including vocalists, guitarists, pianists, woodwind and brass instruments as well as drummers.