In School Tuition

Stop Searching. Let Us Come To You

Searching for the right teacher to teach an instrument or music class at your school or college, can be challenging. We can help ease your burden of finding the right person by providing your school with professional, qualified and experienced teachers. Without you lifting a finger. We'll ensure it suits your student or parent timetable and even take care of invoicing students and parents. Like all students who learn an instrument, we'll even help prepare or organise any musical performances you might want to put on. We together with schools and teachers to even suggest new music ideas and workshops that can add value to your current music curriculum or syllabus.

Consider us as a one-stop shop for all your musical tuition needs!

Because of our existing music programs, we're able to provide your students with special classes that incorporate our current workshops and music school programs. This includes:

  • Songwriting Workshops
  • Recording and Production Workshops
  • 2 Day or 3 Day Music Camps for Primary School Kids
  • High School Rock Band Program

So whether you're looking for someone to teach guitar, trumpet, piano, woodwind, orchestra or to run a workshop or band program for your school or venue, why not contact us for an obligation free quote.

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