Start your guitar playing journey with an intimate group of like minded people. Together you'll progress along the fret board and discover the fundamental techniques and skills needed to master the guitar.

We promise you'll be playing that song you've always wanted to play, by the time you complete our jam-packed eight (8) week course. That's of course if you keep your end of the bargain by practicing what's taught.

Our Beginner Group Guitar 101 course is the perfect way to start learning the proper way and to avoid bad habits. Taught by experienced, professional guitar tutors who care about the progress of their students, the lessons are given in a supportive, non-intimidating and enjoyable environment. We keep the class numbers small (max. of 6) so you get the maximum attention from our teachers.


  • Complete beginners who have never touched the guitar
  • Guitar enthusiasts who have tried to teach themselves through books, online tutorials or YouTube clips - problem is no one tells you if you're wrong
  • You've been shown by friends how to play a chord, riff or part of a song - but with no real technique
  • You've come into possession of a guitar and contemplating whether to start playing
  • Retirees who are looking for a new hobby or skill
  • Adults wanting some stress-relief through music
  • Learning guitar is on your bucket-list

Whatever your reason, we cater for all sorts! Affordable and great value for money.

COURSE COST: $289 per person (that's less than $37 per hour lesson)

* BONUS FREE Electronic Guitar Tuner when you register online today.

8 week long hour sessions + materials and use of our guitars during the lesson. Of course you're welcome to bring your own if it needs a good tune.


Wednesday 27 February, 6:30 - 7:30pm
Wednesday 15th May, 7:00pm
Tuesday 6 August, 7:00pm
Tuesday 15 October, 7:00pm

If you are unable to make your designated group, you can choose to make up the class by attending the other class in that week.

Guitars provided on site, lead by experienced and professional teachers, small intimate groups (max. of 6 people per class.


  • Tuning and knowing about the guitar
  • Proper techniques (holding, posture, finger exercises, using a plectrum and technical skills)
  • How to read and play chords and chord charts
  • Strumming the guitar and playing basic rhythmic strumming patterns
  • Reading and understanding basic notes and music theory 101
  • How to read and play guitar tableture
  • Song playing
  • Developing strength in the hands and fingers through scales, warm ups and exercises)
  • Playing music in a group and much more

These classes are always very popular and space is limited.

If you can't make the next intake, please let us know by emailing and we'll keep you posted with the next one.

Think 101 isn’t for you? How about trying our next level class Group Guitar 102

Contact us to find out more about how to enrol today!

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