COVID19 Update – Our Plan to Return with Face to Face Lessons

Most of our lessons in term (2) are being delivered online, but with the easing of restrictions, we can restart face to face lessons. In saying this, a number of teachers and parents/students may continue to fulfill all their term two (2) lessons online, however, we have mapped out a plan of what we can now allow with physical lessons.

We are phasing lessons across three (3) stages to ensure we practice social distancing and continue to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus through community transmission.

In keeping our studios as safe and COVID19 friendly as possible, the following measures will be put into place:

  • All students and teachers will need to ensure they wash their hands before each lesson. We use communal instruments like the piano and drum kit, so we want to ensure we maintain a high level of hygiene
  • No water bottles will be supplied in the waiting room area. Students must bring their own bottles of water if you need to drink (i.e vocal students)
  • Drum students MUST bring their own drum sticks
  • A reduced number of chairs at a social distance space of 1.5m apart will be arranged in the waiting areas of each studio
  • Students who show signs of being unwell MUST inform teachers immediately and can choose to have their lessons online for the scheduled time. If less than ample notice is given (last minute) then the usual cancellation policy is applied and lesson fees will be forfeited
  • Teachers are to keep a safe distance between themselves and the students (which should be achievable in all private and group lessons)
  • Vocal students MUST not attend lessons if they show signs of coughing or cold and can opt to have online lessons for their set time
  • No more than 4 people will be allowed in the waiting area
  • Bathroom hand towels are communal and will be replaced regularly


STAGE 1 – From Monday 1 June

  • Private face to face lessons with a maximum of 2 rooms and 2 teachers open per studio
  • Room Hire for bands or small groups of NO MORE than 5 people allowed

STAGE 2 – From Monday 15 June

  • Private face to face lessons with a maximum of 3 rooms and 3 teachers open per studio
  • Room Hire for bands or small groups to remain at NO MORE than 5 people
  • Small group classes can resume: Glee Kids, Band, Music Craft, Group Guitar (not Kinder Beat music)

STAGE 3 – From Monday 23 July (start of Term 3)

  • All private face to face lessons to resume (unless told otherwise by NSW Government)
  • All group classes to resume except for Adult Glee Club (TBC)

We can’t wait to get our music school back to normal, but we want to do so with caution. Our teachers are happy to continue providing online lessons and mixing that up with face-to-face lessons when both student and teacher are ready.


If you’re interested in learning an instrument and taking advantage of our COVID19 Lesson Specials, contact us today or call 02 8006 0363.