Term One 2018 News Update

Firstly a huge HELLO and WELCOME to all our NEW families and students that have recently joined our All Age Music School community. We’re thrilled to have you join us and I hope you have the most amazing musical journey with our teachers and school. I meant to email everyone sooner but we have been swamped with enrolling many new students and sorting out our first term timetable.

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer break and an excellent Christmas and New Year. Since the end of term four we held our first All Age Music Christmas BBQ at Enmore Park which was a great success, organised for members of our Marrickville Adult Glee Club to perform Christmas Carols at Sydney airport as part of Cure Cancer Australia’s fundraising initiative. We also ran three huge weeks of Music Camp in January, almost booked out our Songwriting Workshop and had members of our Marrickville Adult Glee Club perform in the Sydney Harbour Australia Day Celebrations. Plus a bit of re-decorating in our waiting area.

Phew….. There was really not much down time for us and I’m sure James is looking forward to his Thailand holiday towards the end of this term!


We’d like to share with our families and students the ideas and vision we have for 2018. There are always a million ideas and things we’d love to do each year, but not enough time. So we’ve narrowed it down to 5 key areas. If there’s something you think you could help us with, we’d love to hear from you.

1. Expand and provide our music programs, private lesson tutors and school music camp ideas to Primary Schools and after-school care providers. We’ve recently partnered up with Whoosh Club in Neutral Bay to provide weekly music classes as part of their after school care program and would love to expand on this.

2. Further develop our band and artist program and establish a pool of solo, duo and trio student performers who are willing to start performing publicly. We aim to provide existing bands with more performance opportunities and gigs which enhances the recognition of our contribution to the music industry. Such events include community fairs, festivals, live music venues, charity gigs and special events.

3. Introduce and create short courses in the areas of Songwriting and Recording/Production as an extension of the success we’ve had in the School Holiday Programs. We’re also going to expand our Adult Short Course Program.

4. Continue to grow our social media presence with exciting, educational and relevant content, and introduce new monthly competitions that enhance people’s creativity. Be sure to like our Facebook page to be in the know!

5. Establish a stronger presence of Classical music and its teachings through special events, performances, eisteddfods and special guests. We currently have a strong contemporary music program and will be looking to further establish our classical music program and presence in the school.

As you can see, a lot is happening this year and I’m super thankful to the teachers, students and families that support what we do. Teaching, celebrating, inspiring and enriching people’s lives through music is what I’m passionate about and I’m thankful everyday to be in this job.

Be sure to come say hi if you’re new!