With the school holidays almost here, many parents and kids will be looking to get outdoors and soak up a backlog of overdue sunshine. However, monitoring your kids for many hours outside isn’t quite the luxury for a number of working parents. Adding variety between indoor and outdoor activities to your child’s school holiday weeks is going to be an important part of keeping them entertained and stimulated.

Award winning music school All Age Music, understands that kids have already spent a lot of time online during the school term. It’s why they’ve decided to introduce a series of short bite sized digestible school holiday workshops instead of their usual week long programs. The one class that has already stood out to many parents is the Introduction to Learn Beatboxing. 

So what is beatboxing and what is its appeal to kids and youth? Firstly, beatboxing is a legitimate craft that can help people become better singers and musicians. It’s an acapella style of music making that primarily involves the art of mimicking drum machines with just the human voice. 

By using your mouth, lips, tongue and voice, the art of beatboxing can get very complex. Once you’ve mastered the basic bass drum, rim shots, snare drums, hi hats and cymbal sounds, the endless pursuit of creativity becomes the driving force of many beatboxers.

Not only does beatboxing improve your aural skills, but it enhances rhythmic and creative music levels. You see, beatboxing is not something you can learn from a musical score sheet, and for kids, learning to listen and repeat in a copycat style is conducive to brain development. What’s more, it widens your child’s musical scope and creativity and physically strengthens their vocal cords.

With COVID lockdown taking its toll on the mental health of many school kids, parents are desperate to find ways of lifting their spirit. Music, like many art forms, is one of those powerful therapies. Who knows, beatboxing might be the thing that sees your kids spend hours doing acrobatic vocal skills, develop some new confidence and show it off to fellow classmates when school resumes.

All Age Music’s Learn to Beatbox Workshop is normally a class found in their multi-day school holiday music camps, but with COVID still locking everyone out of the studio, they’ve redesigned it for the online space. 

Hosted by one of the industry’s leading Beatboxing Music Educators Connor Malanos, this interactive and ultra cool workshop is being held on Thursday 25 September, 10:00 – 11:00am AEST. 

The session is being run on ZOOM and cost is $20 per household. This means siblings and even parents can join for no extra cost. It’s all safe and done online via ZOOM.

To join, simply  BOOK NOW

WHEN: Thursday 23 September
TIME: 10.00 – 11.00am
FOR WHO?: Kids 8+ and Adults
COST: $20 per household

No experience needed and boys and girls from all over the country are welcome to join.

Sandra Lie (Principal/CEO)
All Age Music