Event Date: Thursday 30 September

Learn to Sing: Introductory Online Workshop

Let’s be honest. How many videos have you watched of people singing in the past month? With shows like The Voice, Idol and Australia’s Got Talent flooding our screens, it’s hard to not stop and listen. 

How do you feel when you watch singers run their vocal lines from one note to the other end of their vocal range? Or when they hold those amazingly powerful high notes and you’ve already taken five breaths while listening. 

All these things are skills that are taught through singing lessons. Lots of singing lessons for that matter, but the most important thing is to start. 

We’ve designed a unique LEARN TO SING introductory online workshop to give kids the opportunity to discover the voice and unlock their potential. 

More importantly, singing makes everything more fun for children and lightens the heart. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits we can give our kids during the COVID pandemic.

This interactive one hour group lesson covers the following:

  • Breath Control
  • Pitch
  • Vocal Range
  • Articulation
  • Rhythm and Ear Training
  • Different types of vocal technique
  • Vocal Warm Ups
  • Musicianship

Singing creates a sense of togetherness. It can comfort a child when they feel sad and banishes boredom when they are agitated. Singing causes the mind to focus and the body to relax! 

Learning to sing is like learning a sport or any other subject at school. Until you expose them to it, you won’t know what they’re capable of or what they’ll become passionate about in life. 

And let’s face it. Being able to sing well is a pretty nice skill to have. 

Everyone is welcome, so tell your friends and loved ones. No prior singing experience is needed to join. Just a willingness to give it a try! 

WHEN: Thursday 30 September
TIME: 10.00 – 11.00am
WHERE: Zoom Online
FOR WHO?:Kids 5-12 years
COST?: $15 per household