Event Date: Thursday 23 September

Learn to Beatbox: Introductory Online Workshop


Ok, let’s face it. Beatboxing is one of the coolest things you can do with your mouth and we want to see as many kids get into it this side of lockdown. 

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that can take you from the bedroom to worldwide battle stages, and where creativity is a never ending pursuit. 

From the moment your child learns how to sound out that bass drum, followed by the hi-hat and snare, they’ll uncover a whole new world of rhythms and sounds that sees them light up with excitement. 

Along the way, they’ll discover how to create and mimic everyday household sounds and before you know it, you’ll be nodding your head to their beats.

Presented by Music Educator and Beatboxer Extraordinaire Connor Malanos, this workshop is open to kids aged 8+ to adults of all ages. His work in the world of beatboxing and music education has seen him collaborate with various organisations like Gondwana Choir, Sydney University, The Conservatorium of Music and more. Connor’s fun loving, creative and friendly nature has made him one of the music industry’s most likeable beatboxing teachers.

Our introductory kids online beatboxing workshop aims to cover the following:

  • Introduction to beatboxing
  • Explore sounds
  • Basic Drums
  • Basic Bass
  • Basic Patterns
  • Exercises
  • Showcase! – that’s right, at the end of it, we’ll let the kids come off mute and showcase their new skills online.

Beatboxing is a musical art form that has brought a lot of joy to kids all around the world. You can be sure they’ll put on pause whatever device or TV show they’re looking at, when they’re watching and listening to someone beatbox. It’s almost hard to imagine that all these super sonic rhythms and sounds are capable of being delivered through just your voice.

This exclusive school holiday workshop is going to be EPIC! Guaranteed your kids will be showing off their new skills in the classroom when lockdown is over.

Places are limited so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out.

WHEN: Thursday 23 September
TIME: 10.00 – 11.00am
FOR WHO?: Kids 8+ and Adults
COST: $20 per household