Event Date: Thursday 18 April, 2019

It’s time to take your child’s drumming skills to a whole new level. We’re introducing a brand new snare  (pipe) drumming workshop to kids who currently learn or play drums. You’ve seen many American sporting clubs impress their audiences with these amazing marching band routines. Well that’s pretty much the concept of snare (often known as pipe) drumming.

There is no real age limit, but you will have primarily learnt or played for 1 to 2 years and be able to read basic drumming rhythm notation, along with playing rudiments like paradiddles, double stroke and single stroke notes, triplets and sixteenth note exercises.

WHEN: Thursday 18 April, 2019
TIME: 10:00 – 11:15am
WHERE: All Age Music Marrickville Studios, 2B/391 Enmore Road, Marrickville
AGE: 7 – 17 year olds
REQUIREMENTS: Ideally designed for students who are already learning drums and have played for at least six (6) months, can play basic rudiments and parradiddles
COST: $25 per child

For more information, contact James on 02 8006 0363 / james@allagemusic.com