Event Date: 17 & 18 January 2019

With technology being more user-friendly and compact, DIY recording is on the rise. In this exciting workshop you’ll learn how to produce and record your own music by using current music programs like Garage Band. Understand equipment, set up and much more. Take home your recording ideas and show off.

If your child is into music, playing around with technology and apps, dabbles in songwriting or learns an instrument, then putting them through our Recording and Production Workshop is a MUST.

Let’s face it, kids are just amazing with technology these days and the internet and do-it-yourself programs is playground for them to show how creative they can be.

They’ll learn what equipment is needed to record instruments and how to put it together. They’ll discover the terminology and meanings of words used in the recording and production programs that exist (such as Garageband). They’ll experience writing or producing a group or solo track and how to convert it so it can be shared or emailed to friends, family and the general public.

Kids don’t necessarily need to play an instrument to record and produce music. Apps, smart instruments and built-in pre produced rhythms and melodies have been created by others for us to use, meaning you can get as creative as you’d like by learning how to tweak and edit these ideas. 

Our highly interactive and jam packed Recording and Production Workshop is designed to teach and show kids how to produce their own music and musical ideas.

Producing your own musical ideas is a little different to our songwriting workshop, which we highly encourage kids to also experience. It can really help and expand your creativity and provide insight into how you can help songwriters make their ideas a reality.

Recording and Producing music is a powerful way for young people of all ages to express their ideas, musical tastes and personality. It’s both a creative and technical subject not often taught at schools and one which adds so much value.

The workshop is taught and run by professional industry teachers and who work and teach in the area of recording and production

Students will learn and discover:

  • Different types of equipment needed for recording and producing music
  • How to handle and put together recording and production equipment for basic recording
  • How to start, create and prepare tracks
  • Understand the fundamental meanings of words used in recording programs
  • Discover best methods for producing your own music
  • How to take an idea from start to finish and much more

Our Recording and Production Workshop is normally held during the school holiday term breaks making it more fun and interactive. It’s designed for kids 8 – 16yrs but if you’re younger or older, then we suggest doing it privately.

For those who are looking to extend their interest in this area, we offer private lessons and a 6 week introductory beginners course. This allows students to work on their own song ideas and see a finished product which they can share to family and friends, or even the world wide web.

The workshop runs for one full day (10:00am – 3:00pm) and all materials for the workshop will be provided to the students. No before or after care is offered and kids will need to bring their own morning tea and lunch.

Cost is $120 per child (One Full Day)
Runs 10:00am – 3:00pm


  • Notebook or notepad to write on (ideally blank pages without lines)
  • Snack and/or drink for short break time – water provided
  • Pens, pencils or anything colourful you’d like to write with
  • Recording device like iPod, iPhone or voice recorder to record ideas if you have one (optional) 
  • Computer or ipad with Garageband if you have one

* Please note minimum numbers are required for this program to run. If not enough numbers are met, full refunds will be given.


Why not enrol for the 6 Week Introductory Beginner Course. Cost is $350 and includes six (6) one on one 45 minute sessions plus materials